Quilting Services

All Quilting is done on my INNOVA 22" longarm with robotics available with Autopilot Mach3. 


Turn around time is approximately 3-4 weeks.  If longer is needed I will let you know at the time of intake.

Minimum Charge, any size $35, includes threads (top and bobbin) aside from specialty (metallic or monofilament) threads. 

Does NOT include taxes for local orders or return shipping.


Charges by the square inch (width x height)

Approximate sizes for reference:

Crib 36x48                   Lap 54x64                   Throw 60x75

Twin 74x94                 Full 80x88                   Queen 92x106

King 106x106


Quilts will be measured at time of intake.  Pricing and pattern choices will be discussed before quilting begins.

I do not square/trim client quilts after quilting as a rule, as everyone has their own preferences.  If you request trimming, there is a $10.00 additional charge in addition to the quilting price.  Any trimmings will be returned to the client.  Amount of trimming to be done will be discussed at the time of intake.


Simple all over meander/stipple     $0.0125 per square inch

Simple E2E/B2B                              0.015 per square inch

Medium Density E2E/B2B                0.02 per square inch

Very dense E2E/B2B                       0.025 per square inch


Semi custom                                    0.03 per square inch

Semi custom is computerized (any density of patterns), with separate pattern(s) for border work, blocks/centers, ditching, applique ditching/echoing, ruler work, and/or some FMQ.


​A small sample of patterns available can be seen here.  I have over 6000 patterns available!


Batting available:  Hobbs 80/20 natural or Quilters Dream 80/20, each $7.50 yard.  You may provide your own batting if desired. Please ensure it is 8” longer and 8" wider than your quilt top.  If a specialty batting is required, I will order for you and pricing will be discussed at that time.

A small selection of backings are available for purchase 108" wide.  Pictures provided on request. Backing prices depend on manufacturer.

Bobbin thread – INNOVATECH, Bottom Line, SoFine and King Tut from Superior, DecoBob from Wonderfil!

Top threads – INNOVATECH, Superior King Tut or SoFine, Isacord, Glide, or Invisifil

If you prefer another brand, we can discuss and I will work with you  

Monofilament in clear and smoke are available for ditch work at no extra charge

Colors will be chosen to complement your quilt, not overpower the quilt.


Specialty thread – pricing discussed at time of intake.


Payment is due upon return of quilt to client if picking up in person or prior to shipping.

Payment can be made via Cash or CC thru Square/PayPal in person or via PayPal if shipping.

Payment via check is only available for local clients.


If shipping to you, insurance of $100 is included in shipping costs.  Shipping via UPS or USPS Priority.

An email will be sent with tracking info for you once shipped.




Tips for great quilting –


Quilt Preparation:

  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.

  • Place a safety pin at the top of both the quilt and backing fabric, if appropriate for a directional quilt backing

  • If you pre-wash your fabrics, pre-wash all of them.

  • Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top.

  • Square up your top and backing fabric.

  • Size your backing and batting a minimum of 4” larger than your quilt top on all four sides; i.e. a quilt top that is 54x76", the batting and backing at a minimum should be 62 x84".

  • Do not baste, pin, or tack your quilt together. Simply fold each piece or place on a hanger if you prefer.

  • Be sure to remove all selvages when seaming your backing.

  • Be aware that fullness and puckers, which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out.

Border Tips:

  • Avoid handling your quilt by the borders once they have been attached. This can stretch them and cause them to become loose and wavy.

  • Cut your straight borders from the length of the grain (parallel to the selvage). This direction will make them lay much flatter than those cut cross-grained.