The New M24!


Introducing the M24!


  • Tablet power and communication plug are readily accessible.

  • Tested at speeds up to 4000 stitches per minute.

  • Automotive sound deadening insulation.

  • Removable color side panels easily interchanged. Consumer choice of up to six colors are available.

  • Cooling system for increased life.

  • 10 Year limited warranty see website for details. 

  • Integrated Grand Format Embroidery for AutoPilot, needs only to be activated.

  • Another Innova exclusive innovation, High Definition Stitch for AutoPilot! HD Stitch allows the user to define parameters for perfect corners and points.

  • Viewing windows for LED diagnostics.

  • Integrated strip LED lighting system with black light, dim, and bright.

  • Integrated needle laser light.

  • Fully adjustable handles with multiple joints allowing nearly 360 degrees of rotation for perfect positioning.

  • Power button at front of machine.

  • Power distribution box.

  • Integrated Lightning Stitch control system with new horizontal orientation and new user interface.

  • Integrated Robotics when activated, both Autopilot and Navigator inside.

  • Integrated PantoVision when activated.

  • Options are now all plug and play.