Computerized Quilting

AutoPilot Mach3

  • Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Trim                                                                       

  • Boundaries

  • Morph

  • Draw, Text, Advanced draw tools including anchor and line edit capabilities.

  • Crosshatch

  • Mask

  • Wreath

  • Align

  • AutoFit

  • Create Segments, Divide, Join

  • Edge to Edge

  • Echo

  • End Snap

  • Group, Attach, Link

  • PushPins

  • Advanced settings and options for all tools and features

  • Use any .dxf or .pat file

  • View your pattern library with over 600 pre loaded patterns.

  • Categorize patterns by tags.

  • Easily search for patterns.

  • Preview designs with the pattern pad.

  • Conveniently create Edge-to-Edge designs.

  • Smoothly undo or redo actions.

  • Customize your design with Fit, Trim, Multiply and Fill features.

  • Change height and width.

  • Adjust Drive settings with ease.

  • View Machine Diagnostics.

  • Control System Settings.

  • Modify Lightning Stitch Settings



Increase your freedom and release your creativity with a Navigator


Follow the easy steps to Edge to Edge quilting or use the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece.  Equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 All-in-One Tablet PC, the Navigator™ provides you capabilities for design layout, editing, and complete control of final pattern stitch out.  The incredible quick release system allows the quilter to easily go back to free-motion quilting in just a few seconds.  Navigator™ comes standard loaded with fifty patterns and has the ability to upload .dxf file format patterns, or Innova’s proprietary .pat file format, providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs.   Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers on the internet or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Pre-Design Studio, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.  With the Navigator



The PantoVision™ is ABM's exclusive new product that is the first and only "Green" pantograph system. Enjoy quilting pantographs from the front of your machine. PantoVision digitized pantograph guidance system for longarm quilters makes lining up patterns when advancing your quilt a breeze.  PantoVision allows the quilter to produce limitless patterns and designs by providing a fully digitized pantograph system. The user can store hundreds of digital patterns to be quilted. Then those designs can be attached, nested and resized to create your very own pantograph patterns in limitless sizes. Increase your productivity and release your creativity with a PantoVision™ Guidance System. Follow the easy steps to fast Edge to Edge quilting or use the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece. When equipped with the optional Windows based Tablet PC, the PantoVison™ provides you capabilities for intricate design layout, editing, and complete control of final pantograph patterns or quilt blocks.