About Tallgal Studios


Tallgal by day is a wife to an amazing man who supports my creativity, "momma" to 4 cats and 12 dogs and a medical transcriptionist, for over 20 years, most of them from home.  I really am a tall gal, just over 6', which is how I got the nickname years ago.  Working from home allows me the freedom to work on projects as time allows. I have time to do what I call 'squirreling' online, teaching myself new techniques to embellish, adorn and just create for the joy of creating.   By night I knit, sew, spin yarn, dye fabric, paint with watercolors, work with different mediums to embellish clothing and accessories,  and of course quilt!

I also in my free time help my husband rebuild Harley Davidson engines.  (No, I really don't sleep!) 

I've lived pretty much all over the US, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Texas, Maryland and now in northern Florida.  I have an Associate's Degree for paralegal studies that I obtained when I was 19 and then later in my 30s I decided to return to school and got my Bachelor's from Harvard while I lived in Boston. 


I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by creative people throughout my life and travels who have generously shared their knowledge and passion with me. 

So, where in all of this did Tallgal Studios come from?

Years ago "Tallgal" aka Mari, got into knitting first when I was 14. I learned from a video, my mom was left handed and couldn't remember how to reverse teach me (I'm right handed).  I picked it up again in my mid 20s, knitting the ugly multicolored striped sweater, that I still own and love.  Knitting and loving the feel of the different yarns led to me spinning my own yarn.  I have a few patterns published under the name Tallgal Knits (they can be found for sale in my shop soon and on Ravelry.)   I still knit for friends and family on occasion. 

A few years later I got into quilting, the concept of cutting fabric apart and resewing it together into different shapes had endless possibilities!  I loved all the color and pattern combinations, which led to dying my own fabric, and learning how to manipulate resists. About 6 years ago I started really looking at the quilting that was on the tops, and wanted to do more than just basics, which led to me buying my longarm, known as Jeanne, after my mom.   I belong to SAQA, as well as four local quilting guilds and work on charity quilts for several of them, sharing the quilty love with those in need. 


I just had my first quilt accepted to a juried show here in Florida, and the bug has bit me to enter more shows! 

Somewhere in the creative process I decided I wanted to add embroidered elements to my quilt tops.  When I really looked at all I could do with machine embroidery, not just to my quilts, I started playing, which led to friends and family asking if I would make X for them, and how much would I charge.  My quilting friends asked if I'd be willing to quilt their tops.   All this has led to the creation formally of Tallgal Studios.

​My hope is to create something that you will enjoy and want to add to your own amazing space, be it finishing a quilt top for you, creating a gift for someone special in your life,  or maybe a colorway that you just have to have for your own creative energy.  My love of manipulating colors, fabric, and different textiles is something that I would like to share with all of you!

When we create what we love, we love what we create and there are so many opportunities to create in our everyday life!

 - Mari